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About Moses Schorr

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Diving into Judaism -- Our Judaism curriculum consists of five themes: Texts, Time, Ethics, Law and Nation. We offer seminars and workshops as well as lectures by Israeli scholars via video-conference. Students meet rabbis, renowned professors and commentators to explore issues facing contemporary society as it confronts tradition. Several of our lecture series have been compiled into books, published by our Foundation, which can be used for further study.


Hebrew classroom courses, intensive summer school and our e-platform “Makledet”. Our curriculum is designed for Polish speakers and supplemented with teaching materials, exercise books and informal learning tools. Our web-based program offers unique access to learning in Polish for students living outside the main urban centers. Every two years we organise workshops for Hebrew teachers, in cooperation with Israeli educators.


Our “Closer to Israel” program offers lectures, meetings with Israeli personalities and screenings of Israeli films. Past themes have included the political history of Israel and contemporary Israeli society in poetry. We present the beauty and diversity of Israel through multi-media articles on a variety of subjects from archeology through cinema to poetry, on our internet page


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Fundacja im. prof. Mojżesza Schorra
ul. Twarda 6; 00-105 Warszawa
tel. 22 620 34 96
Nr konta bankowego: 04124010241111001005772107