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The photo of my family - 1926. Most of them were killed in Treblinka.
Grażyna Pawlak

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new internet page of our Foundation. 

We would like to inform you with great pleasure that the internet page of the Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation is ready. In preparing it, we wanted it to be informative and educational. We want to be able to inform you effectively about upcoming meetings and new programmes.

In the “Hebrew language” section, we have included texts about the evolution of the language, its alphabet and grammar, as well as numerous links related to it. There is a Hebrew “word of the day”, with explanation in Polish and a recording of its pronunciation. A separate section includes materials that can be downloaded and printed.

Contact Us


Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation

6 Twarda St
00-104 Warsaw
phone: 22 620 34 96