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The aim of the Foundation is to provide education for people with Jewish roots and others who feel close to Jewish culture and tradition.

The Foundation realises its aims and goals through educational and cultural activities, as an organisation of public benefit. Its activities include organising and financing:

a. educational programmes in the field of Jewish tradition and culture, with its goal of strengthening Jewish identity;

b. Hebrew language instruction;

c. Activities with the goal of creating a collection of publications and historical materials connected to Professor. Moses Schorr;

d. Academic conferences and seminars in Poland and abroad;

e. Cultural activities in Poland and abroad;

f. Exhibitions in Poland and abroad;

g. Informative and promotional activities in the field of Jewish history and tradition;

h. Publishing activities in the field of Jewish history and tradition;

i. Activities which goal is creating didactic tools essential for realising educational programmes.

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Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation

6 Twarda St
00-104 Warsaw
phone: 22 620 34 96